The following legislation has been submitted to California’s Legislative Counsel. As bill numbers are assigned and authors are identified, this information will be updated:

Recovery Residence Voluntary Certification Bill: AB 2214 Creates a voluntary certification process for recovery residences (sober living) to aid consumers and contractors in choosing quality, safe living environments. Fact Sheet

Physical Capacity Expansion Bill: To provide funding, ease restrictions, and encourage outlays for capital expansion for withdrawal and addiction treatment in California.

Workforce Capacity Expansion Bill:  To create a larger and more qualified workforce by improving counselor pay rates; granting waivers for certification and testing fees; and requiring  the profession to establish a unified career ladder.

Workforce Professionalism Bill: Establishes a voluntary license for private practitioners in the AOD field; creates certification for interventionists, peer support professionals and recovery coaches; strengthens existing certification regulations.

Payment Reform Bill: SB 1268 Prohibits “kickbacks” for referrals to addiction treatment; prohibits “pay to patient” practices; creates and insurance task force to evaluate parity (unreasonable step down requirements, truncated treatment, denial of “frequent flier” patients).

Funding Bill: Enhances penalties on high level narcotic offenses; establishes an administrative fee for entrance to all treatment programs; and targets Proposition 64 revenue for addiction treatment.

To see where each bill is in the process, enter the bill number at this site: Legislative Information