button-resource-pac-buttonIn January the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals voted to establish a Political Action Committee (PAC) for the addiction treatment field. This important advancement in the field’s legislative program is critical to ALL program and professional stakeholders who are concerned about the future of policy goals important to addiction treatment.

Allied mental health professional organizations in California currently maintain PACs with more than $50,000 balances. Until now, the substance use disorder field has not established this important component that is common to most legislative programs. The time has come for the SUD field to unite and move to the next level of development as an industry.

CCAPP will begin fundraising for the PAC on March 1, 2017. Donations ranging from $500 to $7,300 (the legal limit) will be sought. If your organization can participate, please use the attached donation form to make a contribution. Individual phone calls will be placed to each program member and other industry representatives to answer questions and determine whether a pledge to the PAC campaign can be made.
Please note that all donations, by law, are deposited in the PAC bank account. NO FUNDS are used by CCAPP Incorporated. By law, donations can only be used for political donations and are not for use to support CCAPP operations or business activities. Donations to the PAC are separate from membership dues and are not credited toward annual membership fees.

Contact CCAPP Governmental Affairs Director, Sherry Daley:
[email protected]


Act Now – Move the SUD Field Forward! Click here for the PAC Remit Form